Have you ever waited for a train that had to take to a better place? Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone and you've been caught in his look, in his expression? Have you ever dreamed of walking through Venice, crossing bridges and having a gondola ride? Have you ever stopped to contemplate a rose and   admire   all  its splendor?


If you have not had the opportunity, just dive you into the realistic painting of Josep Gil.

Portraits, landscapes, minimalist painting and, above all, stories.Combines charcoal drawing with oil to reflect everything that his eyes contemplate and convey more than strokes, features more than just black and white, or color paintings. Each picture hides an adventure to share, a story to tell, or a dream to discover.


Josep Gil is not only a recognized artist in Barcelona, he also reaches every person contemplating his work, collecting admirers wherever he goes.

To immerse in his realism is exciting, feeling every stroke and seeing   beyond  a  simple panel.



To immerse in his drawings is filled with tenderness, with a penetrating look that tells more than many books. To immerse in his trains is traveling in an endless way. To immerse in their cities is to live them, cross them and see their light. To immerse in his portraits is to understand that painting is emotional, tender, and reaches each one of us.


Lydia Abellán